PCSO Natasha

I applied to become a PCSO because my previous job was very tedious. I decided I didn’t want to spend the rest of my working life sitting behind a computer screen doing the same dull boring job every day. I couldn’t decide what career path to take but knew I wanted a job that was different and exciting - a job where I was out and about and not sitting down all day. I had always been interested in the police and loved watching all the police programmes on TV so I decided to apply. It was the best career move I have made!

I started my training in February 2017 and completed the training course. The training was intense, I was exhausted every evening but it was enjoyable. I met some lovely people who help make the training fun and enjoyable. There is a lot to take in. I remember during my first week thinking that I would never ever remember all of it and was really worried I wasn’t cut out for the job but amazingly you do remember everything and it’s surprising how quickly the time goes by. Before you know it you are passing out and off to your home station.

I love being a PCSO. I love that every day is completely different. You do not know what is going to happen and you have to take everything as it comes, there is no point planning your day because it will go the complete opposite to that plan! I meet so many lovely people, have tea and biscuits with the elderly neighbours in my beat area, get to know the local trade and their employees. Of course I meet the not so nice people but that just comes with the job. I spend most of my day walking around my beat area; it’s lovely to walk past people knowing they most probably feel that little bit safer knowing you are in the area.

My beat is one of the largest beats in Letchworth. I have the industrial units, local shops and an area of residential houses as well. It is a very busy beat, but I like to be busy. The biggest challenges I face having the industrial area is theft from work vans, and industrial unit burglaries. In the summer the challenges are the local youths who commit anti-social behaviour offences, getting to know the young people is the best tactic as they know who you are and less like to commit these offences if they can trust their local PCSO, they tend to not want to annoy you as much!

Day to day is very different, the shift starts with booking yourself on the system, checking emails, looking at any crimes that have happened in the time frame since you were last on shift, check your workload to see what crimes you have been allocated to investigate. The day then continues by going out of patrol, completing any investigations that are on your workload and general patrol enquiries. But like I say, this could all change depending on what happens in the area, sometimes you may be required to attend jobs and help other officers.

I find the public respond to PCSOs better than I expected. I feel the public feel safe with us being around, they like to see a PCSO walking around and the elderly are very kind to us. Don’t get me wrong, some public really don’t like us but that can be a very few compared the amount of people that do… that’s what I find in my area.

I would recommend this role to anyone that wants a change in career, who is bored of sitting around and wants to get out, talk to people, spend their day walking and engaging with all sorts of people. I have found being a PCSO has been the best career move for me. I love working shifts. My hobbies include running and going to the gym and I feel with working shifts I have more opportunities to do these.

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